Female Fight Club 11

FrancescacatfightingStacyscissor holdsTashaface sittingJulie

Dianagut punching            catfightingCoral

Frankieface sitting           face sittingLauren 

gut punching catfighting


 The Fight Club introduces an exciting new format: FOUR epic battles featuring EIGHT of today’s hottest   female warriors. Francesca Le vs. Stacy Burke, Tasha Welch vs. Julie Winchester, Diana Knight vs. Coral Sands and Lauren Legends vs. Frankie. Chosen from the cream of Tyler’s illustrious FFC, these Amazons all love to fight, and it shows. Thundering gut punching, suffocating scissor holds, humiliating face sitting, wicked catfighting action….and more. 50 minutes.








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